Friday, April 1, 2011

What's Going On.. 7 Weeks Post Surgery/ 2.5 Weeks Post 1st Fill

I've had two cold, back-to-back since the beginning of the month.  This is after a couple of years without a substantial cold and I'm certain it's due to the surgery, subsequent healing and lack of regular supplementation and a decrease in physical activity.  Looking forward to getting firmly back in the wellness saddle very soon.

I'm surprised at how little time I got out of that first fill.  At this point, just 18 days after the first band fill, I'm ravenously hungry between meals and really not feeling very full after a medium-sized meal.  I understand that's to be expected and it'll take 3-4 fills to find the "green zone" (see below)

When there is no restriction between the banded part of  the stomach and the bottom, ALL the habits and urges to overeat during meals, to eat between meals when you're not hungry, and eating at night just to relax come roaring back.  I'm trying to keep a tight lid on it until April 11th when I go back for my second fill.

Returning to Greenlake Nutrition's Women's Emotional Eating group has been helpful.  A new 10-week worshop began this week with this session's theme being:  "Setting Loving Limits".   What a perfect concept to practice while I spend the next two weeks waiting for my next band fill. 

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