Friday, April 15, 2011

Today's Strategy: Eat Breakfast Like a King and Dinner Like a Pauper

Yesterday I ate lightly at the beginning and finished the day by eating, in 3 hours, more calories than I had in the first 8 hours.  I woke this morning with NO hunger and am still feeling too stuffed to try my usual fiber and vitamin waker-upper. 

Reverse strategy today:  More protein and calories in the AM vs the PM.

5am:  Coffee
7:30: Lightly hungry.  Steak and pasta:  350 Kcal, 18 protein
8:30:  8 oz water
9:30:  8 oz water
10:45:  Hungry.  Fiber and vitamin drink:  140 Kcal
11:30 8 oz water
1:30:  Hungry.  Steak, artichoke and cottage cheese:  375 Kcal, 25 protein
3:30:  Snacky.  Almond Roca 140 Kcal.
5:30:  Dinner out. Not hungry.  French fries, red wine, salad:  300 Kcal, 3 protein

Kcal:  1305; protein:  46

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