Monday, April 11, 2011

2nd Fill

After white-knuckling the last two and half weeks with hunger (and losing no weight, either..double bonus!) I found out at the bariatric surgeon's office that I didn't have to wait for a whole month for a second fill.  I could have just come in when my hunger told me it was time to get the band refilled.  Ooohhh...  Got it.

I also found out that it'll take 3-5 fills before I really feel the full effects of how this band works.  Apparently, it takes multiple fills to fill up all the nooks and crannies of the band before it's full enough to begin constricting between the stomach and the upper pouch.  Ooohhhh... Got it.  Good to know.  I was having visions of being the first band patient that always felt hungry with their band. 

So, two down, and let's figure two more to go before we get some really serious satiety out of a cup or two of food.

Now, I must have read about needing multiple fills before maximum satiety hits and that you can go in more often than once a month for fills if you need, but boy, I sure don't remember it.  I'm also likely one of those people who has to live it to understand it.  Damn dominant kinesthetic learning style.  It's all words and theory until I live it.

Onward with living...

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