Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Fill Appointment In Pictures!

The ferry ride to Bremerton, WA.

Surgeon's office
Fluroscope for precision guidance.

The RN who performs the fill procedure.  A medical
technician is also present to run the fluoroscope.

Locating the port.

Inserting the fill needle. 

First, the fluid is removed..


Swallowing barium to check flow-though rate
 between upper pouch and lower stomach.
The view on the way back to Seattle

A Fifth Fill?

The view arriving in Bremerton, WA via state ferry.
I'm on route to Bremerton now for a fifth fill appointment.  My satiety seems to have decreased in the last 2-3 weeks and I'm far hungrier about 1.5 hours after meals.  I have absolutely enjoyed the ability to enjoy any type of food, breads, pastas and rice in the last month with no untoward affects.  However, I'm willing to give that up to remain satisfied 3-4 hours after meals.  So, off to Bremerton I go.

My bariatric surgeon has two offices, one in Olympia, WA  and one in Bremerton,WA. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

First Challenge Goal Down!

I made my first challenge goal today that I set six weeks ago:  Lose 1 pound per week for six weeks.  Done. http://myquatto.blogspot.com/p/challenges.html

Since my last post in late May, that's about 12 lbs down. 

August is a big vacation month.  I'm planning to continue a 1 pound per week loss throughout the next six weeks, but without the assist of a regular schedule with regular, planned gym workouts and regular, planned meals.  Onwards..