Thursday, April 28, 2011

Got My Corset Tightened

Goodness.  I got my 3rd fill on Tuesday.  Big difference.  Immediately after the procedure, I had a 20 ounce protein shake that took 20 minutes to drink. 

Today, that same drink took over an hour.  I might be a bit swollen and need to take it easy (liquid diet) for a couple of days to see if this more extreme restriction eases up.  Most solids (and some liquids) resulted in productive burping after 2 tablespooons of food.

Fingers crossed that things get more comfortable (but not too comfortable) in the next couple of days.

I'll use this experience to practice the golden rules of successfully banded:
  • Small bites, no bigger than a dime.  Put fork down.  Chew.
  • Stop eating when you sense the first whisper of fullness.  No need to continue eating past the point of discomfort.
Such foreign concepts, right?  The guzzling and gobbling habits I perfected over the last 43 years will take time to unlearn.  I remain amazed at this tool that's helping me unlearn those habits.

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