Friday, April 29, 2011

Awesome Shoes and Excellent Clothes

How cute is this dress?  Have you tried bamboo clothes?  So light and soft, it's like wearing nothing.  If your skin felt like super-soft, stretchy bamboo viscose.  But it doesn't .  Go, now and get yourself a cute dress from Organic Bamboo Clothing.  Great for morphing shapes. 

Gah!  Look at these shoes!  So comfortable; so light.  If you're a fan of flexible shoes, you need to know about Merrell's Barefoot collection.  And, you need to go get a pair right now.  Very little cushion between you and the ground but with surprisingly ample arch support.  Odddly, my feet aren't nearly as fatigued as when I wear my 5 Fingers.  Unlike the 5 Fingers, you can wear socks with these.  Unlike the 5 Fingers, you don't look like a dork.  Love these shoes!

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