Monday, April 18, 2011

Morning Power Drink - The Pre-Breakfast of Champions

Switching from normal vitamins to liquid vitamins was one of the hardest things about about the band.  Liquid vitamins are caloric, too, adding about and extra 110 calories a day.  Here's how I start each day:

In one 12-ounce glass of water, add:

1 ounce Nature's Source of Life for Women (50 Kcal)
2 heaping teaspoons (1 powdered, 1 not) psyllium husk (25 Kcal)
2 tablespoons Floradix Cal/Mag (60 Kcal)
1 teaspoon Nordic Naturals Omega 3D fish oil (45 Kcal)
Juice of one small lemon (improves the flavor of all the above)

Swirl it all together with a fork and gulp it down before the psyllium husk coagullates into a gel.  Mmm good.

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