Monday, February 21, 2011

Quatto-Fueled Fury

At seven days post-op, I'm past (and quite finished) with the all-liquid diet phase of recovery.  To tell the truth, I was tired, hungry and irritable at all of life the past three days.  The high-point of irritation occurred at the Ballard Pool prior to my six-year-old's swimming lessons.  The class just ahead of us is a parents-and-tots sing-and-swim class.  It's great.  I did it with both my kids.  What I DID NOT do was pile my back packs, towels and shoes on the treaded bleacher stairs so no one else could use them.  This wildly ignited my anger.  Wildly!  With my Quatto-enhanced fury, I cleared the treaded stairs of others' stuff, moving everything three feet to the left and marched to the top bleacher where I dared and glared the next navel-gazing, Ballard hipster parent to stack their kids' Uggs where everyone else needs to walk.  Totally Dirty Hairy move, right?  Thanks, Quatto for giving me the quick furry to get the nasty business done.  Looking forward to working on more civil vigilantism projects with you.

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