Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day Four..Get Back to Work? I Don't Think so..

The lady in the Lap Band brochure said she felt like going back to work by day 4.  Whoa!  Me, not so much.  I still have a little inferred pain in my left shoulder and sitting for more than an hour is quite painful on the incisions.  We'll see what an afernoon of napping and light work can accomplish. 

I've discovered I will never be a narcotic addict.  I can do nothing but sleep when I use my pain medication.  There is to functionality there for me.  No "light computer work".  I can manage a little stoner-vaccuming before I have to lay down and nap.

I do have an interview later on tonight.  I scheduled that thinking, like the lady in the damn brochure "I'd feel like going to work on Day 4".  I suspect I'll be able to pull it together for an hour this evening.  Vicodin-free, even.

Thank you all for the kind words in your emails and phone calls. They help enormously.  Today feels like it's going to be a pretty emotional day. I knew making drastic physical changes would bring into sharp relief equivalent emotional changes.  At least I'll have some interesting "material" to bring to my next group session at Greenlake Nutrition.


  1. Stoner vacuuming IS good exercise dear Kim!

  2. Just checking on you today...hope your interview went well! Working is overrated, enjoy the rest!