Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Less Swelling = More Hunger

I thought I was getting cheated out what other band users feel the first week after surgery:  No Hunger!  Turns out if you have little post surgical swelling, you will experience more hunger.  Ah, an explanation for what I've been feeling.  So I didn't receive the placebo Lap Band, I just am an excellent surgery-recoverer.  That's the good word from my flattery-proficient bariatric surgeon whom I saw in Bremerton for my first check up.

I have no restrictions at the moment (other than the band itself) and have had no fills.  Those saline fills will start 4 weeks from now when we can be reasonably assured that all that fine stitchery holding the band in place on my stomach is healed. 

Oh, I shouldn't have had the little piece of octopus that was in my Sun Du Bu soft tofu soup yesterday?  Surgeon not impressed.  Even after describing how I HAD chewed that tiny piece into a pudding-like paste (I chose to follow the intent of the pudding-like consistency law rather than the letter of said law), he was insistent on NO SOLID foods for the next two weeks.  Something about not blowing his stats...  Okay, my bad.  You win.  I get pudding-like consistency.  Time to break out that baby food mill.

Am reading "If The Buddha Came To Dinner:  How To Nourish Your Body To Awaken Your Spirit" on the ferry ride back to Seattle.  Trying to take care of the head while addressing the body.

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