Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday Weight Gain

Oh man!  I gained a solid 3 pounds in the last week of December due to an unbridled love affair with chocolate truffles.  Damn you, sweet treats and your bitter consequences!

I went in for a nudge of a fill today.  I'm oh-so-very conservative with my band and prefer the "satiety with smaller meals" philosophy achieved with tiny fills vs the "restriction" method of larger fills to prevent over-eating.  I'm more willing to do the hard work of eating smaller, smarter meals in slow, small bites rather than go for broke and have my food choices restricted by what can fit through a too-small stoma.  Not for me.

Part of the strategy behind this latest fill is to combat the recent 3 pound gain and address the hunger I've been feeling 60-90 minutes after a small meal.  I'd like to be back at my pre-holiday weight in three weeks.  I'll create another ticker under the "Challenges" tab on the right.  Let's check back on 1/24/11 to see the progress!

And speaking of progress.. I'm staring down the barrel at my one-year "bandaversary" in six weeks.  If I stay on target with a 1 pound loss per week, I think I can hit a 68 pound loss since having the band placed last February.  Onwards...


  1. Great job taking back control! I have no doubt you'll meet your goals.

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