Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"You Cannot Manage What You Do Not Measure"

This is a quote from Dr. Simpson's Book "Lose the Last 30 lbs" .  This is the same bariatric surgeon who wrote the excellent article on appetite suppression vs restriction

The most successful gastric band patients learn how to be satisfied with a cup of food.  They learn to walk away, regardless of being able to "eat more".  The let their bands "fool their brains" into thinking they had more food and thus, get appetite suppressant for several hours on just a cup of food.

"The band goes around your stomach, not your lips and not your brain".

Dr. Simpson's recommendation is to track volume and measure what you want to manage.  I've been measuring calories and protein, but not necessarily volume.  I'll make that my next 4-day win beginning tomorrow and track when my hunger returns after eating a cup of volume.

(I wonder:  If one is used to large volumes of food, likes large volumes of food and thoroughly enjoys that "stuffed feeling", I wonder what the process was like getting used to 1 cup of food at meal times?  Is there grieving at that big lifestyle change?  I've heard some WLS patients will take up other addictions (drinking, gambling, shopping, etc..) to fill up what is now missing.)


  1. Interesting post! I haven"t been banded very long and just had my first fill on Tuesday, and I haven't even felt hungry but that doesnt take away cravings and yes I still have to stop and move away. I have heard where some have lost weight and then pick up another addition, just another thing to be aware of in the struggle....You can do it.

  2. What a great concept. I'm an accountant and am often saying the same thing - you just can't manage what you don't measure. and it's never once occurred to me in just that same way regarding weight loss. Thanks for this!!