Thursday, May 5, 2011

Open Door

Something has changed in the last two days.  The tightness of my band from the fill last week seems to have loosened significantly.  The first thing I noticed was a return of hunger about an 60 - 90 minutes earlier than I'd expect and the ability to eat a greater quantity at once.  Secondarily, food seems to "slide through" more easily instead of remaining in the upper stomach, creating stretch, fullness and satiety.

So.  What to do?  When the door is open, should you step through?  When the band is feeling quite restrictive, it's impossible.  The door is locked.  Now that the door is open (about 1/4 way), it obvious that it's time to engage the brain.  Those that have gone before me talk about the band being a tool but not the solution.  The solution is me.  I get to choose what, when and how much to eat.  The band gets to be the band.  The bumpers in the bowling lane gutter.  It can't throw the ball for me. 

Strategies for the next 4 days:
(Why 4 days?  Check out the 4 day win )

1.  Watch and hunger and fullness cues carefully.  Be careful of getting too hungry and then over-nourishing as a result.

2.  Focus on primary rather than secondary foods (this is based on integrative, holistic nutrition.  Check out http://www.integrativenutrition.com/primaryfood  or http://primarynourishment.com/my-approach

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